It’s a mobile application to let you you discover all the Markets of Paris and the Fruits & Vegetables seasons.


The application “Marchés de Paris” allows everyone to be able to fin markets of Paris covered, uncovered, flowers and/or flearkets. It also allows you to find Fruit & Vegetables depending the season. You can select Markets near you. You can choose the public transport that you prefer, the nearest subway station, bus station or Vélib’ station. You will also find the openning days and hours of the different markets and the precise address provide by the Mayor of Paris Open data. This allows you to easily discover the various markets around you using geolocation. The application “Marchés de Paris” also provides information on the Fruit & Vegetable seasons, which are always cheaper at the Market than the Supermarket.


Main features of the mobile application:

–  Search for a covered market, discovered, BIO, flowers or chips in Paris. – Define the means of transport in the vicinity: bus stations, subway stations and even Vélib stations. – Define your favorites Markets Alert to receive an hour before the end of it to enjoy the best offers. – Discover the Fruits / Vegetables in season, usually cheaper to market.


“To save time and save money, The application “Marchés de Paris” allows to highlight French local products. It also allows to discover the Parisians Markets and know the Fruits & Vegetable seasons for better savings ”

This application is available for 99cts on the Apple store.


This application was developed during the competition Moov’In the City organized by the Mayor of Paris and supported by the BeMyApp.

To download the application please click here ->